Yesterday was a pretty big day for me, it was my first 'decent' birthday. There were no feelings of regret, or fear of getting older, I just felt, at peace I guess. I caught up on some of my favorite shows and watched a few movies on Netflix.

I know it may not be the 'ideal' birthday but that was my first bday where I felt okay by doing nothing at all. I did manage however, to drag my mini-photog outside and have him photograph me. It got pretty crazy with the glitter too, he just left for school looking like a glitter fairy lol.

Vest: Old Navy// Tank: Gap// Pants: Old Navy// Scarf: Target// Sunnies: Pacsun// Earrings: F21// Watch: Francesca's Collections// Bracelets: Syms

Oh well, what would you consider your ideal birthday?

Take care