Hey guys, hope you're having an awesome weekend, I've been busy with english papers and reading this week so I decided to get out of the house yesterday and get in a few outfit snaps with my mini photographer.

I wanted to do something different this week and give you guys a chance to get to know me better. 

Here's 7 things you don't know about me:
7. My real name is Kiana, pronounced Kee-yawn-uh
All my life I've been kee-anna, ky-anna, ki-awn-oo, everything but my name. As of late whenever I go to a restaurant and they ask who's the reservation for, I'm gonna say Amy because, well, it's easier for everyone and who really wants to go over the correct pronunciation of a name when their starving? I've tried it, always fails lol.
6. From about the age of 4 I've always wanted to become a journalist. Writing has always been a great passion of mine and I kind of figured why not pair two things I love(writing+fashion) for the ultimate dream job
Besides, my dreams of becoming a figure skater were crushed once I realized that Miami & Ice Skating didn't mix. 
Bummer, thought I was gonna be the next Kristi Yamaguchi.

5. I've been playing the piano since the age of 9 and I still suck! Like, I was always good with my right hand but when it came time to play Ode to Joy with both hands, yeahhh, no bueno.
4. I'm very optimistic. I look for good in everyone, I try to find something special in each day I'm alive. Be it the sunset on my way home, an evening rain, or a smile I put on someone's face.  Life is so precious.
 3. I love acting, I feel like everyday is a new role so each day I may not be the same person. I feel as with each day I'm evolving so I dress accordingly. One day I may feel fearless and daring, the other I'm feminine and confident. 
2. I'm really goofy, I love making people laugh. I sing around work, and make up new creepy voices and characters. I also love meeting new people so I may do something funny just to break the ice and make situations lighter. Yeah.
1. Kiana is awesome. Plain & Simple :)

Jeans:Target//Shirt:Old Navy//Jacket:Thrifted//
Shoes:Steve Madden//Ring:Payless//Glasses:Betsey Johnson//