Hey guys! Since about Thursday I've been planning this MM. I recently stumbled upon some new tuneage featuring some of my favorites like James Blake, An Horse and even a new face (to me at least) who goes by the name of Christopher Norman
This guy means business. Everything about his voice and swagger will have you in a funkyelectrotrance (made up word). 

Now I'll stop babbling and let you guys decide for yourself.

1."A Case of You" James Blake
2."Robin Egg Blue" Cass McCombs
3."Connect Me" Christopher Norman
4."On A Train" Yuksek
5."Tarantula/Holding On" Delay Trees
6."Help I'm Alive" Metric
7."Born To Die" Lana Del Ray
8."Maps" Christopher Norman
9."I Am The Lion King" PAPA
10."Video Games" Lana Del Ray
11."I'm Not An Antidote" Happy Hands Club
12."Rearrange The Beds" An Horse


Be sure to leave me your thoughts :)