Sup folks? I'm back with a new WWW focused on a few do's that I envy!
I'm currently on the hunt for new ways to style my hair since I get bored very easily. Last time I got bored of my hair, I...shaved it off, so yeah...don't wanna go that route again.

Images via google + pinterest

1. I love Drew Barrymore's red, wavy boho locks. Very cool.

2. I swear I've been obsessed with the gorgeous Freja Beha Erichsen since 09'. I love the fact that she can rock a Chanel tweed coat then trade her couture duds for a pair of biker boots and a classic black blazer. Her hair here mixes just enough femininity with her androgynous style. This is amazing.

3. The Olsen's can honestly do no wrong in my eyes, this proves it. Milkmaid braids are chic+quick+easy.

4. Corinne Bailey Rae's curly locks are just as amazing as her voice. I need this now!

5. A simple bandana or scarf can prove to be a chic+quick fix for a bad hair day.

6. Solange Knowles has quickly become one to watch when it comes to fashion, I love her waist length braids. Tempted to try this look!

7. Chic boho braids, sooo cute!

8. More of the milkmaid, I can't get enough!

9. I love Lana Del Rey's classic pin-up look, this would be the perfect look for summer!

-What hairstyle are you guy's currently obsessing over?