Shirt:Levi's//Skinnies:NY&Co.//Shoes:DV by Dolce Vita//Watch:Target//Glasses:Betsey Johnson//Bracelets:Target

Yes, you read it right. I, Kiana Barnes, got my Bill Cunningham on today & it was amazeee
Now, I'm not one to be known for my amazing grace and my great coordination, in fact I'm known to be quite the opposite. My first week at my old high school I tripped down the stairs and sprang onto this guys back (in front of everyone!) in fear that 
I would break my neck (you know like in the movies?). 
So much for trying to be the "cool" new kid.
Back to Bill:
Today my "mini" photog & I cruised our "hood" (i'm so gangster right?) for new shoot locations. Honestly, it was a complete fail when it came to the photography part but at least I got to take out my new beach cruiser. I'd been looking for what seemed like forever and I've finally found one. I tried my hand at juggling a camera and navigating 
my way through that "hood" of mine.
I gotta give it up to Mr. Cunningham, it takes a person with 
good patience, coordination, and great peripheral vision to do what you do good sir. 
Hopefully my skills will improve before Miami's next Art Walk.

Take care.