Hey guys, today I'd like to introduce you 
to a new friend of ours.
Yes, ours :)
His name is Oliver and he has damn good style.
I'd love if you guys took this opportunity to
check out his awesome blog & send him some love.
I know you guys can do it ;)
Anywho, here's what Oliver had to say:

1) What piece in your closet can you not do without? 
A Watch! My dad says a watch tells if a man has somewhere to be.
Also, men don’t have many accessories and a watch
adds a little more personal style to a look.
Oh, and underwear I love underwear.
2) What factor most influences your style?
No matter how different my looks change what’s consistent is how simple it is.
I like to be as minimal as possible while still standing out.
I don’t like a lot of fuss I more partial to lines and crispness.
I dress for the weather, occasion and my body type.

3) Who is your style muse?
Dean & Dan Caten: They are thin, simply dressed yet full of color and energy!
No matter how vibrant they dress it’s all always minimal.
Be sure to check out Oliver's blog Anorexic Escapades