What's up folks?
See that post under here, you know the "Leather Lovin'" post?
Well, yeah I really am obsessed with leather, so much
that I've worn these Forever21 babies twice
in the last week (don't judge.)
They're that damn comfortable & versatile, & gosh...
they're loud as hell too lolz.
Chose this title because of my hair, did this fishtail bun
before work yesterday morning.
Kinda feel like an African queen or something,
I love it though :)
Must find my Prince Akeem...le sigh.
Headed off to watch Coming to America now,
see ya!
Wearing: Levi's Denim Shirt// F21 Leather Pants//
Converse// VTG Scarf// 

-BTW, see my kick ass septum piercing?