I'm pooped.
Mentally and physically.
I've been in this mood for some time now, don't know why...
Been stuck in bf jeans and tees for the last few days,
these jeans now own my soul, thats how comfy they are.
Throw on a blazer, bam! I'm one classy mofo lol.
Nah but really, I'm gonna get back to posting OOTD posts &
all of that good shit real soon so...stay awhile ;)

Til then, enjoy this lovely crayon portrait (via paint) of
what I would've wore today...yeah.
Me in all of my orange mohawk pompadour glory ;)

-ps. thinking about a new hair color, any suggestions? had my
sights on pink hair for some time now, you know more
"Chris Benz" and less..."Pink"?

Idk, but you know so let me know. K thx.