was insane...

-I attended Art Walk for the first time
and I must say, it was so damn amazing...

-I accidentally hit a bird with my windshield...
funny story.

-Made a new friend by the name of Trey aka Superstar Trey,
coolest person I've met in a long time.

-Danced in public. Yeah...groundbreaking shit lol.

-Treated myself like erryday was my birthday,
its Treat Yo Self 2012 yall.

-Got schooled by a 10 year old break dancer,
this kid was too dope.

-Learned the importance of silence...
best response to assholes.

-Attended the Fashion Bloggers For A Cause event,
check out our s/o from Societe Perrier!

-Youtube'd Horse Pimple and instantly regretted it.

What'd you do this past week?