It's 11:50 pm! 
What's the big deal you ask?
Hmm, I don't know I mean tomorrow is my 21st
birthday & all.
I'm so damn excited. I know I won't feel any different,
its just like any other day but...
I'll finally be an adult.
Legally yes,
As I've gotten older I've realized that I'm
one big ass kid.
Some see it as a bad thing but I don't,
I have my moments but for the most part its who I am.
I think a part of me has realized that it's ok to
revert back to your childish ways sometimes, it can
make situations lighter.
Another part of me has realized that some people are able
to act like they have all their shit figured out,
I won't do it, not now, not ever.
I will never know it all, I will never be absolutely
sure, I will always yearn to learn and try new things.
As we ease into a new day, I'd love to wish you all happiness
& prosperity :)
Be who you want,
Fuck em if they don't like it!