What's up folks? Hope you're well :) For this week's MM I wanted to highlight a few new personal favorite tunes of mine. The lineup includes kickass bands like The Airplanes, Chairlift and Little Comets. Be sure to take a listen and tell me what you think :)

Daughter // Yellow Ostrich
Blossom // Panama
Feels Like We Only Backwards // Tame Impala
I Belong In Your Arms // Chairlift
Freak // Urban Cone
Sidewalk Safari // Chairlift
Hey Love // Miner
Bruises // Chairlift
Bop Bop // Mean Lady
Make Your Mind Up // Chairlift
A Summer Daydream Part 1 // The Airplanes
Bayonee // Little Comets
How Did I Get Here // ODESZA