- I got approached by at least 3 homeless men asking for my number.

- Had one of those said men tell me he likes 2 things about me:
The fact that I wear a hat and my beautiful, sexy nose.
Miami, what the fuck?

- Had someone sit on my knee on an overcrowded bus then 
look at me as if I did something wrong.

- Witness an old woman direct a little person to a seat 
on said bus.

- Thought I was a total badass and drank,
#neveragain #1applejuiceplease #notabadass

- Walked past Michael Yo while heading to Starbucks.

- Started a new job!

- Got so drunk I talked to Drake (or who I thought was Drake)
at Vagabond.

- Complimented a completely random woman on her bangs

- Danced my ass off at Vagabond (same night I saw "Drake")
salsa'ed and cha cha'ed all over the dance floor, smh.

- Caught 2 wrong buses in 1 day

- Had the heel of my boot come off while at work
(tried to play it off until I feel the heel under
the toe of my boot...smh)

Le sigh. How was your week?