"I guess I'm still looking, looking for trouble."

Yes, I know it's been some time since my last OOTD post my loves but it was all for a good cause, promise. Since you've last seen me I've lost a good amount of weight, went from 220 down to 180 :)
This is a big fucking deal considering the fact that I hated working out and eating the right shit. I'm happy to say I've changed my eating completely and cut out all meats except fish (salmon) and chicken. All I drink is milk, tea, or water (lemon) and eat about 6 small meals a day.
This isn't turning into a fitness/lifestyle bullshit blog (I swear). Just would hate for you guys to think I'm on it. Just working out :)
Jacket: Levi's | Tank: Pins & Needles via UO | Pants: Thrifted | Sandals: Marshalls

Shot these yesterday in front of the dope home office of Miami born brand Miansai. I've always admired the structure for its dope prints & colors. Their brand has def been on it lately gaining popularity with men & women all over and getting their products backed by even bigger brands like J. Crew, Barneys & Saks. Definitely a good look for us Miami folk :)
Pretty in love with these pants yo. Got them as weird flare and added spandex in the legs to make em super cool, comfy harem pants. FTW. Made this Pins & Needles top into a cute crop top too, good shit. What I loved most about this look is the fact that I looked exactly how I felt, pretty fucking awesome :)