What's good? Yes, I know I've been MIA for a little minute and although I'd like to give you an amazing excuse, I can't. Shit happens :)
Took these yesterday while passing Wynwood, this honestly has to be one of the dopest pieces of street art I've ran across in some time. It's so damn HUGE.
Good stuff.

Threw on my favorite beat up grey tee and best pair of skinny jeans for an easy breezy day of shopping & running errands. I have a weird obsession with the color grey guys...all I buy are grey tees...I even considered my future daughters middle name to be Grae. Shit is sad yo. 

On my way out of Wynwood I ran across this dope little abandoned house. I loved all of the artwork too, shit looks mad creepy tho lol.

Tee: Target | Watch: Target | Tooth necklace: Asos | Shoes: Target |
Jeans: H&M (thrifted) | Bag: Thrifted