Sup! Happy late Thanksgiving to you all. Hope you guys had a great time with family members eating, laughing & all that good stuff. Shot these yesterday down in my favorite place, Wynwood

I'm trying this new thing (thanks to my amazing bf) called "buying the right size". Since my big weightloss I hadn't really known how to dress my new size 8 body when I was so used to dressing my size 14 body. I'm learning to wear form fitting silhouettes and different cuts that are new to me like this dope crop top from Urban Outfitters.
It definitely has not been the easiest process, shopping is now a totally different experience considering the fact that I can now wear things I hadn't and the fact that I actually have to acknowledge that and accept it
Top: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Target | Boots: Random | Chains: F21
This is probably the first time in my life where I actually feel beautiful. Its the first time in my life that I actually I'm not quite there yet, I'm still trying to get used to wearing more fitted stuff. 

Just wait, pretty soon all I'll wear is stilettos and bodycon dresses

I kid, I kid. Its enough of that down here :)