Hey guys :) hope all has been well on your end, I've been super busy with work & everything but I'm learning to deal with shit to get up more posts. Shot these right across from job the other day, I've always loved the old Van Dyke Cafe and finally took the opportunity to shoot it.

Finally got some use outta this hat from Forever 21. I'd picked it up last year sometime and have never worn it because a) I didn't have everything to execute it like I'd visioned and b) I didn't have the right hair....Would you look at me any differently if I told you that my hair dictates my style? No? Oh ok...thought so ;)
Wore my favorite (and only due to makeup accidents smh) chambray shirt from J. Crew; Total outfit saver, it can be worn with damn near anything. Remember: If all else fails (and you don't feel like trying) #ChambrayThatShit. Great for graduations, parties, meetings, everything. Satisfaction guaranteed.

 Also decided that I would break in my new Zara boots (on a workday...what le fuck? I know). As I sit here with bandaged ankles I'm starting to think that was a 'not so smart' idea. The rest of my week is definitely looking like a socks with sandals affair lmao. Only got them for $20 tho so I guess I won...I mean, Ankles lost but I won. Ah.

Shirt: J. Crew | Hat: F21 | Jeans: Thrifted H&M | Boots: Zara

*BTW Check out this new joint by Emily King, good stuff.

Be well yall.