Whats good folks? Comin' at ya live from the 305....lame, I know. This is a post dedicated to none other than yours truly, hbic, moi, Kiana. Something that has perplexed me (HUGE word...I got tons more.) about fashion bloggers or just bloggers in general is that you read their blogs about the newest h&m designer collab or how to make the perfect-no-smudge cat eye without knowing what it is that they TRULY do for a living. No one ever really goes into detail about their day-to-day 9 to 5's.

Believe you me, if I could blog all damn day long about spring trends and what new crop top Kim Kardashian is wearing each day of the week I would....Well not the Kim Kardashian thing but you get the idea. Becoming a full-time blogger is ZEE bloggers dreahhhm jahhhb. Since that position is filled by superbloggers like Chiara Ferragni and Emily Schuman we sit, (and write) and wait for that moment.


What do I do?

By day I make the big bucks (no not really) as a VME aka Visual Merchandiser Extraordinaire (yep, that's my real title) for Ann Taylor. By night I do sales for Urban Outfitters. Now I know you're thinking "2 jobs? Damn girl" and yeah you're right, "Damn girl"...got kids to feed.

That last statement, not true. Very false actually. 

But yeah, I love what I do. Visual Merchandising allows me to take my love for fashion and art and make it completely my own. I know I sound like I'm on a fucking interview so I'll shut up and let ya see what it is I do :)


Alright. Hoped you guys learned a little more about me. LMK what you guys think :)