This weather has been so damn...I can't even begin to explain the...its hot y'all. Its like too-hot-for-jeans hot...its that-sweat-behind-your-knees hot. 

Its gonna be a cruel summer folks....

I'm finally back after a bit of a "break" if you will. Finally purchased a tripod so that means more posts. Also thinking about relaunching my online store forreals. Thinking of going in a more curated vintage approach. Think dope vintage gems for the low low. I mean, not that low but...you get it.

A & I snapped these while trolling around Wynwood the other day. We love it there, feels like home :) Funny thing happened right before we shot these, as we were walking to grab my camera I felt something on the bottom of my shoe that I swore was poop. So once I got a chance to stop, I lifted my foot to look at the bottom of my shoe to find that not only one, but two...2..DOS of my heels had fallen off my beloved $7 Oldnavy oxfords lol. 

Dress: F21 // Shoes: Oldnavy // Watch: Target// Jewelry: F21

My response, "my shoes got turned up before me :( !" That was probably one of his best laughs all week. I lie.

Wanted to give you guys a bit of good news, I'm currently working with some good folks (you may know a few) on the upcoming Wynwood Life Festival here in Miami. Its taking place on the 25+26+27 & will be having a fashion blogger fashion show, food trucks & art. My readers (yall) receive 50% off tickets using my code WILDEFREE so grab em now & come show a thug some love ;)