No, this is not a test! 2 posts in one damn week! I'm officially (officially) back. I know I've said it before but this time is different. Ya see, this time I'm actually...back lol.
Shot these the other day after shopping. Hit up my local Gap, they're having a crazy sale btw...I'm talking jeans for the low low. You annnndddd ya momma could have a pair of bf jeans for zee low price of $24.99

Get em while ya can folks...
Went for a casual cool look and threw on my faux leather pants with a CHRLDR tank from the lovely gals at MIMO Market and some Vans. Only got these pants for $10 bucks from JCPenney. Not gonna lie, they have some of the best sale pieces for the low. 

I think the key to having truly great style is having the ability to shop anywhere and allowing yourself to be inspired by anything and anyone.

By zee way, the awesome MIMO Market bosses Lisa + Leilani just finished up their kickstarter campaign to open up shop soon but donations will still be accepted, just email them at and tell em who sent ya ;)

Tee: CHRLDR c/o MIMO Market | Vest: Bisou Bisou | Pants: Buffalo | Shoes: Vans
Necklaces: F21 + AsosBracelets: Asos + Nordstrom Rack