Finally found zee perfect suit y'all! I got it about 2 weeks back at the new Zara on Lincoln Road & I have been obsessed with it since. I honestly feel like it was meant to be. Just the day before going there I had told my bf of all the new ways and items I needed to elevate and refine my style and one of them was a suit

I'd wore this to work one slow Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised by all the praise I'd received. All day I received double glances, smiles and nods of approval. So many of my customers hadn't actually believed that I worked there, many said I looked 'very pretty' and 'well dressed' compared to others. It honestly brought me to the realization that people will respect and praise the fashion risk as opposed to hating

The moral of this story is, wear what the fuck you want guys (and well) 9 times out of 10, what you think others will not like, they will (maybe even enough to copy). Also, fuck what anyone thinks, do you. All day. Errday.

Suit: Zara | Tank: F21 | Boots: UO | Bag: Married To The Mob

 So yeah, the menswear inspired suiting is definitely a trend worth trying. Take my word for it ;)