Sup! Hope you guys are feeling the new look of le blog. I'm really starting to invest more $ and time into Wilde+Free since it is my baby. Things have been pretty great for me lately, I:

-Finally put in an order for new blog cards
-Got fired
-Found a dope ass pair of Puma sneakers (in pic above) for $30
-Yes, joke.
-Did a bit of B&E just to snap these pics above lol
-Planned a quick trip to WPB for a nice staycation
-Got in a minor car accident (totally my fault) and almost got swindled outta $50 for a already broken tail-light (that was until I told the old guy I had just got fired the day before and he laughed in my face.)

Yes folks, I recently got fired. No (more) pity parties over here. Not gonna lie and say I don't care (I did for a quick 2 days then said fuck it and got over it).
The reason being is that I realize more and more with each day that there are so many unhappy, miserable souls in this world. When people who are unhappy with who they are come across someone who's sure of themselves they'll try their best to break you.
I must admit that I'm usually a humble gal. I get along with almost everyone, I absolutely avoid confrontation at all costs. If you should know one thing about Libra's its that they're not fond of arguing. We're generally peaceful, calm people and that makes people think we're not a threat. Like we can be ran over without any issue. Wrong. So wrong.
Long, dry, boring story cut short, I'm taking all this free time to find out what it is I want in this life and hone my many skillzzzzzz. Unnecessarily large amount of z's? I know, but you get the point.
Jacket: Levi's | Dress: Leith | Sneakers: Puma | Pin: VTG

Oh well. Hope all is well you guys. Thanks for supporting Wilde+Free. I really appreciate all the likes, retweets, comments and love you guys always give. It means zee most to me. Honestly.

Never let anyone dull your shine. Especially a hater.