What's good folks? Alanzo & I shot these late yesterday after our day down in Wynwood. We decided to head down there to eat at our new favorite spot KUSH. Not gonna lie, we've already been there twice this week (and it's showing). Can't help it tho, the food + service is beyond amazing. I loved its decor and execution of everything marijuana related from its paper bag menus to their bacon+salt brownie fit with vanilla ice cream and a small baggy of "green"

So damn cute.

Please folks, do make it your business to get down there and try the Chicken + Waffles. It's crack (in the good way tho, not the scary-make-your-teeth-fall-out kinda way). 

Go take a hit of KUSH folks, I guarantee you'll be hooked:

Things have been on the up and up as of late. I got a new job + I'm taking my ass back to school. Can't work for the man all my life. I got dreamssss, skillzzzz...grammar to improve. I kid, I'm smart yo.
Sweater: Gap | Shorts: Levi's | Sneakers: Puma

Later ;)