Something I've been obsessing over for what seems like forever now is hair color. I just never know what color I want my hair. This past year I kinda stopped my exploration of different dyes and bleaching techniques since 1) I had a somewhat conservative job and 2) I'm bald.

With those two major things standing in my way, I chose to settle for a toned down blonde. It still allowed me to show a bit of who I was without being "too much". Now that I'm no longer working in an environment like that I've decided to take things one step further and really experiment with color. I'm a person who really appreciates color and individuality and I love standing out.
(photos via pinterest)

 As of late I've been in love with the idea of pastel hair. Lilacs, pinks and peach have all been on my mind. I've watched tons of videos on youtube and have already decided to give it a go. If it doesn't work out I can just dye it again right? Its only hair.

Stay tuned for the turn out ;)