Back in high school there was no brand I loved more than Adidas. I'd save up my tiny Forever 21 checks just so I could get the newest Jeremy Scott collab. 

What I love about Adidas the most is their originality; Unlike their competitors they were willing to create some of the most creative, fashion forward, highly sought after pieces. 
I came up with this look while planning an outfit for an upcoming event. At first, I kinda thought the idea would've looked a bit crazy (especially here in miami) but once I added this BCBG belt everything else quickly fell into place.

I threw on my last purchase from the Zara spring/summer sale (the heels) which I found for a mere $19! God do I love a good deal.

-P.S. I don't believe in paying full price for anything (especially from Zara) since it more than likely will go on sale soon. Working in retail/merchandising will teach you a few tricks of the trade ;)
(my off guard-but-not-off guard look)
Jacket: Adidas | Skirt: F21 | Belt: BCBG | Heels: Zara

**I shot a fun little video for you guys, its my first 
(I hate my voice!) but I did it
as a way to say thank you for all of the amazing 
love you guys show me. If it weren't for you all
who knows where I'd be?

*It could be more of these going forward, lmk!

Check it ;)