Just a few of my favorite tings...

1. Audrey Hepburn photo from my friend Kathy :)

2. This vintage golden cuff my grandma gave me from India

3. An awesome pair of gold heel sandals that I scored a few months back at Zara (only $25!)

4. My grandma's tiny little gold brooches

5. These H&M 'starburst' cuff earrings

6. Vintage gold chains

7. Crystal neckalace that I stalked for months from UO

8. My favorite crystal necklace from J. Crew

9. Big golden F21 hoops

10. Tiny midi rings from F21

11. Gold Tooth bracelet from Asos

12. My good ole "faux-lex" watch from Target (that has stopped working, but I still wear it lol)

13. My blog card (shameless self promotion)

14. Vintage gold bag I thrifted for $4

15. My trusty Steve Madden snakeskin/studded sneakers (they came distressed...I swear)