Jacket: H&M | Tee: Oldnavy | Skirt: Target | Sneakers: Camper

Black + Gray will forever be my go-to color combo. Nice and understated yet chic. I love nothing more than a good gray v-neck tee; I have about 8 or so of them in my closet(on my floor). Some are light gray, some dark. All, pretty much the same.

I threw this on for a day of shopping and running around SoBe with my bf. We're gearing up for this years' Art Basel here in Miami. It's my first one so I'm pretty fucking gased. We're going to see the amazing Solange + Jhene Aiko + Sampha at a free show today. PLUS I scored us 2 pretty dope tix to see Erykah Badu on Friday night in the Wyn

If you know me you know I love (luhhhhhh) me some Erykah. She just...speaks to my soul. Lame? Fuck ya. She's dope so we're going.
We ran all around town looking for the perfect Basel looks. We started off at Sawgrass which went extremely well until I found a maggot (yes, a maggot) in my Mongolian Beef at PF Chang's

Turned. My. Fucking. Stomach. 
Worst Part? (Besides the fact that I ate maggot infested beef) the waitress swore me down the maggot was actually a piece of rice. Yes, because a maggot looks like a piece of rice. White rice at that. 
She said it "looked like a maggot but when she went back in the kitchen and broke it, it broke like a piece of rice."


Yeah, ok. Check please!

No more PF Changs + Beef for me!


Anywho, I decided to get shit done today in this simple little number and threw on my new favorite sneakers
What I love most about em is 1) they're so damn comfy and 2) they're so damn different. Everyone has a Nike and a Isabel Marant sneaker wedge. Little to no one in Miami has these. Gimme more.

Well I'm off to get ready for Basel. Look out on ig for any Art Basel updates. Later!