Sup guys? Hope your xmas was a good one. I shot these the other day on my way home from work. I had to fly to my bf's house before sundown to get these in. #Bloggerprobs


As of late I've been wearing all black. I had no idea why tho. It all started around Black Friday as people were boycotting the day in honor of Mike Brown. Now, I'm pretty sure you all know who Mike Brown was, and if you don't, please educate yourself. In support of the protests I chose to wear black that day. I even went down to Wynwood during Basel Week to listen to protesters who media wouldn't give a voice. 

During this time so many things crossed my mind. How could someone take a life and just get away with it? When will the killings stop? When will black lives matter? Why aren't more people speaking out about this?! 

I noticed for some people life seemed to go back to normal or they were never really affected by the several stories of black men being killed left and right. Social media seemed to stay...the same. I began to wonder if something like the Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Antonio Martin and now Sheneque Proctor killings would have any affect on the fashion world and so hasn't.

My question all those around me, when will fashion not matter? If the world is burning all around you, why not use your voice and warn others?

I wonder when tragedies like these happen, do we not speak up because it doesn't directly affect us? Lets fight to make sure no one has to deal with the cruel injustices of our legal system and racism.

No one deserves to die like these young men (and women) did and have their murderers roam free. How can you possibly feel safe?

The end of it all is, we should not have to raise our young black men in fear that they may one day be targeted by police or anyone for their skin color. What hurts most is that after all these years of racism and stories of lynchings and church bombings in the U.S. and all what was done to people of color, there has been no true sign of progression here in America

Physically we are no longer shackled but mentally? We're bound to the hurt and the wrong doing of our people. Some don't understand why or how since "it was only 400+ years ago." Shit, 400+ years and we're still going through this! We're still fighting to be seen equally in the world. When will we matter? When will we truly be equal?!

My soul hurts for my people. I have brothers and nephews, shit I have nieces and I hope and pray the world is a better place for them. The thought that this could be someone I know, a friend, family member, me. It hurts yall. 

We have got to do better. As a people.

Vest: F21 | Dress: Silence + Noise | Pants: Buffalo
Sneakers: Camper x Bernhard Willhelm | Shades: Ray Ban

For once, this isn't just about the fashion.


These people were and are more than just a hastag, they were loved.

Lets pray 2015 is a better year.