What up?! Yesterday my bf and I snapped these down in zee Wynwood area. If you guys can't tell by now, I love this place. Like, seriously. It's super chill now since Basel is gone, I like it better like this honestly. The Downtown/Wynwood area was a nightmare to navigate during Art Basel. I didn't tell you guys this but those amazing ass Erykah Badu tickets I had purchased for a concert that week (the 5th)totally went to shit.

Seriously, I almost lost my 1 year relationship over Erykah Badu.

Where shall I begin? Ok, 1st: Google Maps is a total piece of crap. I entered the addy in my phone (like always) and it navigated us to parking on the NW side of 23rd st not NE. "Ok, cool (we thought)." We paid for that parking ($10) and decided we'd walk there...cut to 30 minutes later we've walked blocks and blocks of 'no outlet' streets. My idea? Fuck this, lets grab a cab (mind you I have on a crochet dress which is completely see through, a turban and a leather jacket. I'm pretty sure I looked like some kind of cool-yet-boho prositute. Whatever, I flag down cab after 4 failed attempts, have him take us literally down the street and around the corner for $10) 
Scene 3: We hop out of cab and scurry through Mana into a world of confusion, Basel House (which was awesome) is on one side while the concert venue was on another. Skip to us asking everyone what line was what. We find the right line finally and to our surpise, the shit is longer than we ever expected. Like, I should have expected that for Erykah Badu though right? Well I did but...damn. We hop in line, sweaty with swollen feet but ready for Miss Badu

So, my bf and I are standing in line, ya know keeping it cool when this chick and her friends move mad close to us. Now my bf had on a sweater so he was pretty much in heat-stroke mode from all the walking and confusion we had just encountered an hour (we got in Wynwood @ 10, made it around the corner to Mana by 11:30!) before so I understood he needed personal space. Shit I did too, I was wearing a leather jacket! Anywho, this 1 chick kept doing this thing where she'd reallyyyy close to him (like shoulder rubbing almost) and I kept giving them a look like "I know what you're doing, back the fuck up, Thanks." Well she kept doing it, so much that my bf noticed my expressions and was like "yeah, lets just go." I was heartbroken yes, but I was willing to stand in the heat a little longer for Erykah Badu. It would'nt have been good though due to the fact that I'm a bit crazy when it comes to personal space. What she was doing was mad disrespectful and I couldn't help but think "Is Wayne Brady gonna have to cut a bitch?"

One thing I've learned from this is, don't wear seasonally inappropriate shit to ANY type of show/concert be it night or day. That faux leather had me feeling a way. To make it worse I had on a fucking turban with it all!!!

This night almost got me dumped guys. Why? Because I did that one thing those How to get a guy in 10 days magazines swear for women not to do: I showed that I can be one crazy bitch. They say to "keep a man" you have to hide that shit till you're married. Nah, thats why so many people are divorced now. Everybody's putting on from day one. Be you. Ya gotta hold your own in this world.

After that fiasco we caught another cab down the street and around the corner ($10). This was also the cab ride where my bf lost his wallet complete with his license and atm card. This was the worst day we've ever had collectively to date. 


Cab- $20 
Parking- $10 
Almost getting dropped like a hot potato but then agreeing
that the night was just shitty and we love each other no 
matter what- Totally Fucking Priceless!

I picked up this hi-low tee the other day from Urban Outfitters and I've been wearing it ever since. Its so damn comfy.
For this shoot I had the pleasure of working with a local up and coming makeup artist Shelby of Fancy Girl Faces. She hit me up on ig about working together and I must admit, I was a bit hesitant at first considering makeup isn't really my focus on Wilde+Free

I figured that if I would do so I'd atleast want to make things my own and go with an approach more familiar to me. Shelby met my bf and I down in the W and began beating my face (not literally lol) that sounded really weird but yeah...
During the process she shared vital info about how to properly care for my skin being that it is oily. She even schooled me on a few things I didn't even know like when you're applying makeup, you also apply it behind you ears as well as on your neck, chest (whatever is being exposed) area.
Overall the process was very different for me but pretty cool. Its nice having someone who's a professional to give you proper makeup application tips and skincare info.
Definitely check out more of her work on ig @fancygirlfaces and be sure to like her fb page.
Tee: Silence+Noise | Pants: Buffalo by David Bitton | Boots: Ecote
Hat: F21 | Necklace: Chain (F21) Crystal (UO)| Rings: F21