Hey!!! I'm back with yet another new do (not for long tho). I wanted a change so I opted for this long, sleek wig (yes, wig). Not a lot of women my age are open to wearing wigs although weaves are now more popular than ever. Weave isn't as "out-there" as a wig, all the bad stereotypes it held before are now being thrown away. Everyone and their mom has a track (or 2!) in their heads lol. It's nothing wrong with that tho.
I don't have the length since I'm scissor happy all the time so when I feel like switching things up I go for all those long, wavy, ombre'd hues that I'm unable to do naturally.

What I love about this journey of going natural is that I'm able to be who I was intended to be, nap-turally. The coils, kinks and curves of my hair is what makes me...me.
Jacket+ Skirt: H&M | Tank: F21 | Belt: BCBG | Boots: Zara

In all honesty, I probably gave this wig a good 2 days before I said
"fuck it, its too hot for this shit" and snatched it off. 

Told ya I love change.