What up! Spent my saturday down on the beach with my bf after my failed attempt at attending the Miami Beach Foodie Festival. Why was it failed you ask? Well, it would seem kind of odd that a person that had a contractual agreement with the creators of the event would be atleast given the tickets they were alotted in said contract. The whole 2 weeks before the event I'd been emailing the marketing director about not receiving my tickets/press pass in the mail. I never got an email back about that, which means I had 2 weeks to stress about how the fuck I was getting into the event myself. I couldn't even send my grand prize winner their tickets (2 of my 4 vip tickets) because there were no vip tickets of mine to even give!
Once we arrived to the event I used 2 leftover general admission tickets I had from the giveaway to get in then asked around for media passes (no one knew what the fuck I was talking about). We end up being introduced to some guy with a walkie talkie, I tell him who I am and my blog and what I was supposed to receive from the marketing manager (who's m.i.a.). Long story cut very short, we trek through sand for about 15 minutes to find out all media passes & vip tickets are gone (how sway?!). We finally meet up with the marketing manager, he has no idea who I am even though I'd been emailing him forever about not getting tickets (to which he never responded) and said "Oh yeah, you're the one who never got the tickets in the mail..." #DEAD. So you read the email, processed that thought and didn't even think to reply

By this time I was already on 10, it had to be atleast 98 degrees that day and I had on hot ass black jeans. Not good. He then went on to say "Yeah all the vip tickets are gone (no shit) but I'll walk you guys to the vip area." We walk with him through the crazy crowds of people to the end of the event where its basically a little wooden fence (not even) wrapped around a white tent. Now, thats cool I'm not bougie in the least bit but what I didn't like is that this event had separate little food trucks and vendors. My non-existent ass vip wristband were so that I wouldn't have to pay for food at the event because I fucking promoted it. Everyone in that tent had a wristband except us meaning we couldn't leave that tent and seek food because we'd have to PAY OUR OWN MONEY for everything when in my contract I wouldn't have to. At this point I said fuck it and my bf and I left. I was beyond upset not only because of the way I was treated, but the fact that I actually gave people tickets to this event. I hope you all had a much better time than I did, truly.
After that disaster Alanzo and I went down to Huahua's on Lincoln for nachos. He helped take my mind off of everything shitty that had just happened. He totally made my day worthwhile :)

I've never ever had to deal with such unprofessional-ism when it comes to my blog and my brand. I will never again put my name on or be involved with anything like this. I'm sorry to anyone who went to this event due to me. If you had a great time I'm happy for you, if not I apologize.

Foodie fest my ass...
Tee: Vintage | Jeans: BDG | Sneakers: Converse
Shades: Ray Bans | Bracelets: F21+Nordstrom Rack
Necklaces: Vintage | Earrings: F21

Be well ;)