Supp! Yesterday I had the joy of attending the Aerie #LoveYourRealSelfie event at the Mondrian Hotel in SoBe. The campaign aims for women of all ages, shapes & sizes to love the real person that they are, 100% unfiltered + unedited. This campaign really stood out to me because today we live in a world where any and everything (even ig photos!) are being photoshopped. It provides a false image to society that we should strive for unrealistic perfection. These days people would do anything for a few extra likes on their pics, even if they have to virtually add a few curves here and there.

At the event we were all given selfie sticks to document our adventures at the event. I totally sucked at using the selfie stick, I actually had to have this really nice girl help me with it after she watched me struggle with it for about 5 minutes lol. Once she gave me a quick tutorial I was in biznesss.

Some of the best selfies I took that day - @wilde_free

The event was so cool to me because it involved women of all ages enjoying life + great music. Hannah Bronfman was the DJ for the event which was too cool, I've been admiring her style for some time now. Tons of great people were in attendance including one of my fave (and everyone elses) style blogger Sincerely, Jules. There was also Gray Malin a famed photog who shot the party and actress Mae Whitman
Look, Its Gray!!!
For this event I wore my Urban Renewal jumpsuit (janitor chic lol), a H&M bra top, gold Mossimo sandals and layered necklaces from Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. 

I loved this look. Seriously. I plan on recreating it for a dressier occasion soon. 

This was a super dope event. Its better to love the true you, ya know? Always love you first, that way in the end you know who and what matters most in those situations when others may tell you otherwise. You will always have you.

The End.