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One of my biggest style obsessions right now is faux locs. I'm seriously obsessed. Its one of the biggest natural hair trends right now, its even catching on in Hollywood that even Zendaya rocked em on that infamous Oscars red carpet (you know the one). Not a lot of people were open to the look (I'm talking about you Giuliana) but that's all good. Dreads are for folks who are confident in who they are. Zendaya looked so gorgeous with hers, so much so that the very same day her look was grammed and tweeted about all around zee world.

Haters gonna hate and ainter's gonna ain't lol.

Dreads are a beautiful thing. I think its so beautiful to let your hair simply be and allow it to flourish in its natural state. 

This is seriously my next hairstyle guys (if I don't cut my hair first...)