Yesterday I hosted my first official event (yay!). I was part of the Beautiful Textures x African Pride Dream Kids Flaunt Your Look event with Sally's Beauty Supply. The purpose of the event was to give natural hair tips and a few of my favorite natural products and styles. Guests were very receptive to all information received, I met so many different naturals with all different textures. It was great because many women did have questions when it came to correctly caring for their natural hair.

Beautiful Textures & African Pride Dreamkids has so many amazing products that can be used by all women, kinky & curly or straight & wavy. What I love most about their products is the fact that they're natural and contain the essential oils needed for strong, healthy hair. Many products contain shea, olive and almond oils which are all great for your hair.

I learned so many important tips throughout this journey. Having natural hair is definitely not the easy way out. The way you care for your hair ultimately decides it's growth, softness, and sheen. In order to have a full, healthy mane you must always deep condition and drink plenty of water.

I plan to use this newfound knowledge moving forward in my natural journey. First up, a good deep conditioning!

Shirt: J. Crew | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Zara | Jewels: F21

I'd love to thank everyone who came
and supported me! 

A big thanks to the team at The Garner Circle,
Beautiful Textures, African Pride & Sallys Beauty Supply. This was an amazing opportunity and I'm forever grateful :)