Guys, I finally got my faux locs! I'm in loveeee with them. I've had them for about a month now and they honestly look better with age. I love them so much I get up extra early to get ready and take selfies. If that's not saying something....I'm feeling myself lol.
They're so versatile and they give me a look so different than my own. 


As I age I'm finding that I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the woman that I am. Each day is a journey but I'm learning more and more that I don't want to be someone everyone wants to like and be. I give no candy coated fucks if anyone doesn't like me or my hair or anything I do. The more and more I realize these things, the more and more I understand this little thing called life.

Getting faux locs kinda made me see things in a different light. I know someone out there's thinking "its only hair" but...its much more than that. You can be inspired by anything in this world if you allow yourself to. You gotta open your mind cuz.


Enough of that. The maintenance of these joints are pretty simple honestly. I've been using all the products sent to me by Beautiful Textures + African Pride. Some of my favorites have been the Edges & Ends Silkener and the Braid Spray. Total life saversss. I'm planning on wearing these for a bit longer just so I could get my hair to grow. I'll probably wash them soon so stay tuned for zee results.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm finally going back to school yall! (Yes, I said yall) After taking some (too much) time off I've finally given up on retail and decided to finish up my journalism degree. I can no longer be societies bitch and beg women to buy whatever dress they think they need but don't really want to spend all that money for. Holla at a playa if you wanna collab, I'll finally have time now!

I got more ootd on the way soon so don't hate me!