Hey guys! I got back from my trip Sunday but never had the time to go through them and post. I've been super busy with school as one of my classes are ending this week! I've been grinding so I can pull out an A :)
My brother snapped these for me at this really cool spot in Williston, FL. There were so many cool areas there, it was so hard to choose! The town is super small but I love that coming from big ole' Miami. Anywho, I've been obsessed with this top since the day I bought it! It's super comfy + versatile plus its my favorite color: Yellow. Yellow was made for me lol.
To jazz things up a bit I paired the top with my trusty green cargo pants from Gap ($8 score last year) and a vintage soft blazer around my waist. To finish my look off I layered tons of jewelry and threw on my new Zara sandals. Done & done.
Top: UO | Blazer: Vintage | Cargo Pants: Gap | Sandals: Zara | Jewelry: F21