For this weeks edition of MM I tapped into a few new artists that I've been getting into. Folks like Charlie Simpson, Coasts and the oh-so dope Ab Soul. Probably one of my most loved songs on this playlist features Soul and Terrace Martin on Ab Soul's Intro. It tells a tale of a great love being cut short by his longtime girlfriend's untimely + unfortunate death. 

When I first heard this song I was instantly drawn in by the horns, vocals and beats. I'd never actually noticed the pain in this piece. I started researching and found out more about Alori Joh and I couldn't help but hurt. This piece gives you a small insight into their love and it grapples you. 

Love is such a gift ya know? Ab Soul definitely put his heart into this track. It's definitely worth taking a listen.



M's | Asap Rocky
Warm Winds | SZA
Put It Up | Chris Brown x Rihanna
Ab Soul's Intro | Terrace Martin
Really Love | D'Angelo
Winter Hymns | Charlie Simpson
Betray My Heart | D'Angelo
Oceans |Coasts
Atlas Hands | Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Shattered | Sevyn
Outlines | Aluna George
In The Air | Teyana Taylor
Emily | Charlie Simpson
Artifice | SOHN