photos via pinterest // collage by me

It seems that every month or so I'm itching to change up my hair. I get bored easily so I like to experiment with different styles, colors, and cuts to figure out what works for my style and face. I've found that my favorite looks are usually short cuts as they work well with my round face. I went natural a few years back and the whole purpose was for healthier hair growth and...I wanted a huge afro. Too bad my patience is super thin, I spent the time I was supposed to leave my hair alone trying new things. Cuts, colors, braids. All that. Now I find myself wanting to cut my hair again. 

On one hand I'm like "Noooo what about your big beautiful afro?!?" then on the other hand I'm like "Fuck it, it's just hair!" There's no better feeling than being able to swipe a brush across your head and go. No flat ironing, no super long dry times. It's soooo easy. Plus, the shaved look goes better with my style and personality. I love not looking like everyone else.

Looks like I got a lot to think about. If all else fails, I can always buy a good afro wig :)