As of late I've been obsessed with sneakers, especially Nikes. It seems like the older I get the less I desire to wear heels. That pretty much leaves me with the options of A) Sandals B)Sneakers or C)Ballet Flats as possible shoe choices. I'm not a ballet flat kinda girl so that's out and...sandals in Miami can get a bit boring (and gross) since the weather here is so bipolar. It can be sunny and bright one moment and hurricane idgafaboutyouroutfit the next.

I love a good pair of Nikes y'all, I do. There's nothing better than a new pair of Nikes. If you follow me on IG (@wilde_free) then you know that I recently picked up a pair of Nike Cortez and Air Huaraches that I can't stop wearing. A pair of Stan Smith's are up next. But...

Anywho, all kicks above are a bit of a remix on classic silhouettes worn throughout history with styles ranging from the Air Force One to the Stan Smith. All hold a special place in fashion history. Don't act like your ringtone wasn't Nelly's 'Air Force Ones'. Don't front for me. It was a hot song at the time, I'm not judging you for it...atleast not out loud :P

What's your favorite pair?