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It's been so long since I last posted a DIY post on Wilde/Free. 3 years to be exact. So as someone who loves crafty shit I decided I would do a tutorial on something I'm really really good at: distressing denim.

It all started with the picture above of Jenne Lombardo. I loved the detailing in her jacket; the cold shoulder+heavily distressed details. I knew I had an old Levi's jacket so I decided to give it a go since it wasn't being worn that much anyway.


One//You're gonna need a few household things to master the art of distress. I typical use a pair of scissors, a foot file, a cheese grater (or foot...grater?) and an eyebrow razor (since its easier to grip and safer than a blade).

Two//Start by cutting and even ripping holes wherever preferred. I wanted a look similar to Jenne so I cut out both shoulders in a medium C shape and ripped the elbows and wrist areas.

Three//Be sure to add detailing to the back of the jacket too. I chose to distress the upper back shoulder area.

Four//Now that you've ripped/cut to your liking, go over rips with your cheese grater until desired distressing is achieved. I always go over with both the grater and foot file because it makes the denim a lot softer. I also hit a few spots that aren't ripped for a uniform "worn in" look.

Five//Now throw your jacket in the washer and let it wash like it normally would.

Six//Throw it in the dryer for sometime and allow it to dry COMPLETELY so that everything ripped will fray fully.

Seven//Style & profile in your newly distressed jacket! You'll have people from all over asking you where you got your piece!

Here is
my outcome:

Thanks for reading ;)

-PS LMK if you guys wanna see more DIY's!