Sup! As of late I've been experimenting with my hair more than usual. I'm always up for trying a new style so since becoming natural a few years ago, I've been looking for different styles + looks to try. I love my natural curls and short, cropped look but this time around I was looking for a bit of a more drastic look. 

A few months back the lovely team at The Garner Circle and Beautiful Textures sent me an amazing box of goodies filled with tons of new products. One of them was their newest TMS (Texture Manageability System) that helps naturals like me have the versatility of straight hair without the commitment and harsh after effects of perm. I had held on to it for a time like this and it definitely came in great use for this hairstyle.

So to use the product you pretty much wash and cleanse your hair of all product, use their leave in conditioner (which is the straightener) and blow dry then flat iron. Now you have silky smooth locks without any damage. The product didn't have any crazy strong chemically-smell (new word?) and it was pretty damn easy to do.

Before using I watched tons of reviews of Youtube and every result and aftereffect was pretty astonishing.
To complete my look I used this amazing hair from and its the Deja Vu Kinky Yaki Perm line. Would you believe me if I said it was only $14? Yeah. So many people thought this was my real hair, due in part to the fact that my hair blended so well. That would have never happened for me without using a TMS system. Ever.

I've since gone back to my short hair and the transition back was very easy. All I had to do was wash my hair 2-3 times with the provided cleansing shampoo and voila! Back to my coily curls.

Definitely take some time to check this system out if you're natural and looking for a safe way to have straight hair! And if you need this hair in your life, purchase here :)