Guys! Guys! I'm back! I'm so sorry to have you all like that but, shit got pretty real these last few months. Like, really real. But things change, people change, shit happens but life still goes on.

Speaking on life, I'm making quite a few changes in mine. I'm back working out (I even signed up for the gym!), traveling more and more for my new job (which I loveeee) and I recently bought a new car. Did I say I turned 24 too? #Libra #LibraSeason
I even started going to this great new church (I need it, see how many times I cursed above?) God is working in my life yo. I'm so thankful and blessed for all he has given me and everything I've been through that led up to this point.
Like I said above, I've been traveling so much for work that I haven't really made time to blog. When I got home last week I made it my business to get a post in. 

Whenever I am traveling for work I almost always stop by Target for snacks + whatever else I couldn't fly with. Well anyone should know by now that you can go to Target with 1 thing in mind and end up leaving with much, much more. Maybe not even what you went there for in the first place. I never pass up the opportunity to check out their clearance section and this last trip was definitely worth the 
I found this super cute scuba skirt for only $16 and this Eddie Borgo x Target pouch for only $6! If that isn't a deal then I don't know what is. Like seriously. I finished off the look with a white v-neck (Only $3 from Target #winning) and gold accessories and purple Nike Huaraches.
My baby
Top: Target | Skirt: Target | Purse: Eddie Borgo x Target
Sneakers: Nike via Six:02