Sup! With the holidays nearing faster than ever, it's high time you knock out your significant others wishlist. Now I don't want you to get the idea that I get in my shopping early, I procrastinate too but it always ends up biting me in the butt right at the last minute.

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Now if you're dealing with a 'Blogger Boo' or 'Blogger Bestie' then you should definitely use this guide when shopping for her. Being a fellow blogger, over the years I've realized that when in "the field" its a few things one should always have at any time. 

Case in point, this polka dot Comme Des Garcons wallet pouch is great for holding blogger cards, mints, and lip gloss. It can easily be carried in place of a purse if you're more of an 'on the go' chick like me. This camo YSL cardholder pairs great with the pouch because it can easily be found in your purse and its so darn cute. You'll def stand out with it ;)

A few of my other favorites are the yellow Instax camera which is great for on the go photos, the Smith & Cult lipgloss gift set (Must try!) and metallic Frends headphones.

What's your favorite gift?