Sup guys! These pasts few weeks have been a total blur for me. I took these maybe a week or so ago in Tennessee. I had told myself that I'd start taking my camera with me whenever I travel for work s that I could actually document some cool new places. This was actually taken at a local amusement park. I had begged one of my coworkers to "take a few pictures" for me but it turned into an all out photoshoot like always lol.
This bridge tho! I love my job because I get to see so many different things. It's funny because whenever I tell people I'm from Miami they get so excited. I'm always excited and infatuated with anything else other than Miami. Don't get me wrong, I love Miami but after living here for all my life, I'd be okay with not seeing a palm tree. I can't handle the cold tho so...C'est la vie.
As of late I've been super obsessed with casual, sporty chic looks. I can't stop buying Nikes! It seems as if I'm buying atleast 1 pair with every other check. Like a monthly treat yo self thing. Ain't half bad, sometimes you gotta treat yourself to something nice. We work too hard to not enjoy le fruits of our labor. Am I right? Right.

Life is way too short to not love you!

Top: UO | Pants: Vintage | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Vintage