So far my 2016 has been pretty damn good. I've been wearing less and going out more, I've even been hanging with some girls you've never seen before :)
Enough Drizzy tho, life has been good. I wore this out on one of the coldest "Miami Winter" nights. No bueno. I ended up going to 2 bars with a friend and got absolutely no numbers at all. Everyone had to be bae'd up that night considering cuffing season is over.

I always tell my friend that no one does that whole "asking out" thing anymore because of the fear of rejection. No one wants to be told "bye felicia" in front of a crowd of people let alone their best friend. The craziest part is that those same people who you see eyeballing you in a club or bar constantly that won't make a move will be quick to slide in ya dm. I don't understand it. The next time I actually go out I'm gonna try it and see what happens. I'll keep ya updated.
I was going for a new cool rocker vibe for the night so I paired my favorite leather skirt with a vintage-esque band tee from Urban Outfitters. To make it look more worn in I added a few last minute touches of tears and holes around the neck. To finish off the look I threw on one of new favorite fashion pieces: a bandana for "bad ass" touch. 
To finish up my look I added a red lip, gold accessories, my trusty Nike cortez and a dope pair of sunnies by Linda Farrow via the dope sunglass rental site Ditto.

Now it may sound a little strange to "rent" sunglasses to some people but I think it's like a great way to find out what styles you like and want without the commitment. I loved these but I'm so excited to receive my next pair.
Hope you guys enjoy your week. Check back tomorrow for a new Music Monday :)