Guess who's back?! This girl right here. Yup, I'm officially back after whats been a long ass hiatus. It was honestly due to creative reasons but whatever, that's all in the past.

I created what I believe is thee perf playlist for any single girl out there right now. Maybe you're working to get over a break up like me (le sigh) or maybe you're just on your "Fuck n***as, get money" tip and that's cool too lol. All in all, you're amazing, fuck him (or her) and get out there and live. Anyone would be happy to have ya. It's 2016 for God's sake! This is our year to wear less and start going out more (like my Drake reference?) Guys(and girls if that's your thing) are assholes anyway. Do you boo boo. Do you.

I believe when it comes to getting over breakups, we do it in phases. I've curated a slew of songs to get you through every phase of your breakup. Your welcome :)

Anyway, take a listen below. LMK if you're feeling it :)

Phase 1: Baby don't go...

Phase 2: Alright, fuck you then.

Phase 3: Same phone, who dis?