Shot these back in December and never posted them. It's not that I didn't love them, I do really, I was just a bit too self conscious to do so. Gonna be honest here, my self confidence and comes and goes in waves. 

For example, back in December I was going through the motions. I was unsure myself in many ways. Fast forward to now, I'm just realizing my cuteness lol. I'm kinda feeling myself. 
Truth is, everyday is a struggle. Society is constantly pushing us to change ourselves in order to be more appealing to people who don't even fucking matter. When you're getting told "ya cute but you could be this" it definitely takes a toll on one's self confidence. Then you can't help but compare yourself to everyone around you.

But, comparison is the thief of joy as they say. 
I was afraid to post these not because of what anyone else thought but because of what I thought. Crazy right? We're our own biggest critics. All my life I've struggled with weight issues and it has definitely taken all of my young years to get used to. I'd never show my arms because to me, they were limp, two-toned and had stretch marks. A pretty harsh way to think of your own body right? 
What I'm now realizing is, if I'm on this journey of learning to love myself I have to do just that: I must love all of me completely. Body shaming is now a thing of my past and should now be in yours as well. 
We have to learn to love ourselves as a whole. You look beautiful as you are boo :) We're popping! Love those lines!