You know that moment when you're fumbling with your shuffle button on Spotify for new music and you come across something completely fucking amazing? That's exactly what this is. 

Meet ELHAE (stands for Every Life Has An Ending). He's 22 coming out of ATL by way of North Dakota. This Atlantic signed artist has been garnering a great deal of well deserved buzz for his new album All Have Fallen

Law of attraction. -

I honestly have had AHF on repeat for the last month since first hearing it. Elhae stands out from the crowd when it comes to music creativity and crafting lyrics that not only make sense but resonate with listeners. One of my favorites Love A Nigga speaks so much to my current feels. Another fave Comfortable just draws me in with lyrics:

"....So let me know
Is this really love?
Cause I've seen a lot, it's hard for me to trust
Baby hold my hand
Look me in my eyes
There's no where I'd rather be than with you tonight
I'm so comfortable...."

Definitely have a listen below & be sure to let me know what you guys think!


All Have Fallen is available for purchase here