I'm glad I'm getting back into the groove of taking more pics for W|F. I shot these the other day at this auto shop by my house. I've passed it for years and never actually took the opportunity to shoot here since there was always Wynwood and Downtown Miami. 

Guess this is kinda like seeing the beauty in your own environment. Opa Locka actually has a lot of good spots worth shooting.
I gotta work on getting another camera soon, I've been using my iphone for these. I mean the quality is actually pretty damn decent but I really miss having my camera. I've had my eye on the Sony A6000 for some time now, I'm just...kinda cheap lol.
Ugh, Sony if you see this...holla at a playa ;)
I got a few new pieces from H&M, Nike and Urban Outfitters so be on the look out for more new posts soon. Oh, and new hair ;)

Jacket: Zara | Tank: H&M | Tights: Pink | Sneakers: Nike | 
Bag: Marshalls | Choker: F21