I love the way these photos came out - I shot them one night after an event down in Little Haiti.
I've always been obsessed with all black looks and then adding an unexpected punch of color so I threw on my bright purple Nike Huaraches to add interest. I wore my latest Zara pickup - a black crossover bodysuit and my leather biker over my shoulders for an essence of "coolness" of you will. It was muggy as fuck this night so the jacket never made it past hanging in my shoulders.
The vibe of these pics reminded me something of LA (even though I've never been lol) It just didn't really feel like Miami. I don't know. Going forward I wanna shoot at more low key locations like this. Loving the vibessss.
Anywho, I'll be updating this thang very soon so be on the look out for a shit ton of newness ;)

Jacket: Zara | Bodysuit: Zara | Choker: F21 | Shorts: Levi's | Sneakers: Nike |