I know you guys wanna fight me...I know lol. I've been doing a pretty shitty job keeping up with blogging due to many (but still shitty) reasons but now my aim is to change that. I go through bouts of writer's block (and depression tbh) but I'm not gonna let little shit like that stand in the way of me doing what I love - writing.

And good news, I finally (yes finally) got a new camera so they'll be no more shitty excuses of why I'm not writing. I swear *crosses heart*

I've missed having this little space to vent and say (well type) all the little curse words I could possibly stand. Sometimes its good to take a step back, breathe and then remember just why the fuck you ever started in the first place. I know its something special and unique about this little ol' blog because you guys are still here riding with me (and checking back daily!) after all these years.

That says a lot. It's my validation to keep it fucking going and to never stop - I just have to.